Continuous Improvement

As ITB evaluates any manufacturing process, we are constantly looking for new efficiencies and better ways to manage your costs without sacrificing quality. Let our team analyze your production operations and find new ways to maximize your throughput. We can help build new quality control plans, troubleshoot current operations, and ensure that your shop is operating at its optimal capacity.


Lean Transformation

At InsideTheBox, we believe that small changes over time can lead to significant impact and improvement. As lean practitioners, we have BPR and Lean Six Sigma experts available to help you streamline and improve your business and manufacturing processes. Our team will identify risks and the root causes behind process defects and help you implement new tools, and/or systems designed to support your managerial, financial, and personnel needs.

change management

With any change in your business a management plan must be defined to minimize the immediate impact on performance and operations. ITB's team is trained to help you define change, implement change, and reinforce change across your business ultimately creating early adoption and performance acceleration. Services include: Readiness Assessments, Strategic Communications, Stakeholder Analysis, Gap Analysis, Sponsor Roadmaps and Project Planning, and Resistance Management.



Performance management

In order to drive efficiency throughout your organization, it is important to identify risks and opportunities in all aspects of your business - especially on the production floor. The ITB team will implement the required performance management plan and metrics, which combined with the appropriate analysis will lead to drastic improvement in your team's effectiveness and efficiency