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Manage Risks and Exploit Opportunities

Throughout a product's lifecycle, there are a multitude of risks and challenges that if not properly handled, will kill your ability to deliver a quality product at profit. The InsideTheBox team utilizes industry best practices to not only identify risks, but also to manage, mitigate, and transfer them. Along the way, our team identifies opportunities and to exploit operational efficiencies, resulting in the seamless transition from product prototype to profit. Learn more about the various stages of InsideTheBox's lifecycle management services below.

Product Development & New Product Introduction

Product Development is the most expensive and risky stage of lifecycle management. Stakes are high, timelines are tight, and cashflow is slow. Any hiccup can create a hurdle of development issues. Whether you are looking to build in-house or across the world, our project management team has the technical and operational expertise to ensure your industrial products and production processes are executed to spec. Our experts will help ensure that you seamlessly transition from design to delivery, on-time and on-budget. 

Sourcing & Supply Chain Management

Strategic sourcing ensures that your suppliers are always up for the challenge. InsideTheBox has a database of pre-approved suppliers (foreign and domestic), and can help ensure your sourcing and supply chain needs are met. Our logistics consultants will help to ensure your products will be delivered in line with production and budgetary needs and that your warehousing operations are lean and efficient.

Operations Management & Continuous Improvement

Quality and continuous improvement is built into everything we do. The InsideTheBox team utilizes lean six sigma techniques in order streamline your production and supply chain operations, ultimately cutting costs without ever sacrificing quality. Our team provides in-depth analysis on value-add activities and helps design unique solutions to eliminate muda (waste) from your your operations. From quality control and demand planning to delivery and inventory management, the ITB team will help ensure you see new benchmarks in customer satisfaction and your bottom line.