Product Development Services

Developing a new product effectively means ensuring that when production is required, you meet all of your customer's quality, cost, and delivery expectations. The InsideTheBox team is comprised of mechanical engineers who can translate customer requirements into technical needs. 

design for manufacturing

InsideTheBox's Design for Manufacturing (DFM) services help clients translate customer requirements into technical requirements. Above all else, our team of engineers helps to ensure your design is not only achievable, but is also desirable. Through this process, we address design tolerances, manufacturing procedures, and GD&T.

testing and evaluation

Testing and evaluating initial designs prototypes is critical to ensuring that your design is both produceable and repeatable. Additionally, based on your design requirements, our team can advise the appropriate non-destructive testing (NDT) and control planning measures to ensure quality is consistent throughout production.


new product introduction

InsideTheBox designs custom New Product Introduction (NPI) Plans to ensure that production is ramped up in a responsible and effective way. Our team will guide your low-rate initial production and create ramp-up programs to ensure that quality is maintained. Most importantly, we will help you, and your suppliers, transition to full rate production.

quality control planning

Developing a robust quality control plan during product development stages is critical to achieving sustainable production. Additionally, the use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help the ITB Team align your customer values against product features and capabilities. Together, these services create quality and customer satisfaction.